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Janet Coles

Clint Eastwood
“Janet Coles has a picture-postcard swing and excellent teaching skills to match. Her teaching philosophy benefits men and women alike. Her expertise is bound to help everyone from novice to the low-handicap golfer. It sure has helped me.”

Dina Eastwood
“Janet Coles’ talent as a teacher has brought me off ‘just the range’ and onto the course. After just a few lessons, concentrataing on her philosophy, I was able to play golf with my husband and enjoy it.”

Kyle Gentry
Stanford Varsity Golf
"There are thousands of golf instructors who can teach a swing, but it is the intangibles that set Janet apart. I have been to the best teaching facilities around the country in search of the mechanics that would give me the edge over my competitors only to come back winless and frustrated. Since then Janet has sharpened my focus, worked on my self-discipline, and rekindled my competitive fire. Let this be my warning: if you choose to use Janet only as a swing instructor you will be underutilizing one of the greatest teachers I have ever seen."

Mary Wurtz
Age 72
“Janet Coles is a fantastic teacher. She makes you feel that you can do it! It is possible for you to be a decent golfer even when you start at age 64. Her instruction focuses on the positive. If you miss-hit the ball she says,‘No problem, just keep going.’ She's very creative in her suggestions, always coming up with a new way of explaining things. Basically, she loves the challenge of teaching, and she loves her students. She makes you believe in yourself and want to do better. And you want to do better to honor her. She is simply a very wise, talented, and most importantly, kind, human being!”

Jamie Collette
Age 35
“Before meeting Janet, I had never played a round of golf. After a year of regluar lessons, I was having a terrific time playing with family and friends and playing with confidence. With Janet, golf doesn’t seem so hard! I will continue to go back to Janet again and again.”

Ariana Patterson
Age 13 | Handicap: 5
“I love learning how to golf from Janet. She has taught me all I know about how to play the game. Janet has shown me how to reach my goal and how to get better. She is the best coach EVER!”

Lorene Berlin
Age 47 | Handicap: 23
“Janet ‘uncomplicates’ a complicated game. With her insightful analysis and ready solutions, my game consistently improved, my confidence increased, and my scores decreased"

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